2016 Election ---VOTE WITH YOUR MONEY!

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A recent Real Clear Politics poll1 suggests that 63.8% of American’s believe our government is heading in the wrong direction.  Last week, we (1st Consultants, Inc.) held our monthly workshop and polled the audience to find out where they believed taxes are heading.  100% of the audience indicated that they believed taxes would be higher in the future.  The trend indicates that the majority of people believe our country is heading in the wrong direction and that taxes will be higher.  Both of these scenarios can create negative situations for the American public in general.  We can continue with the compounding negativity, but that is not the point of this article.

The point of this article is to help you understand that there is a way out of this mess.  That way out is to properly utilize your votes.  I believe our political system is a crafted fiasco.  It is the absolute epitome of polarization.  Most people have been disenfranchised with our political system and the results can be seen with the voter turnout rates from our past presidential elections.  In 2012, only 55% (polarization!) of the voting population showed up at the polls to cast their vote.  Conduct your own poll and ask your friends and family what their vote means.  You’ll most likely hear something like, “I’m just one person, and my vote doesn’t mean anything.”   

If this is how you feel, there is a different way you can vote in addition to the ballot box.  You can VOTE WITH YOUR MONEY!  What do I mean by that, well, if you feel that our government is heading in the wrong direction and that taxes will be higher in the future, help shelter your money from the government and from the taxable system.  I’m not talking about doing anything illegal.  There are ways you can LEGALLY help shelter your money from the government and from the taxable system.  Everybody has money and everybody can make this choice so wouldn’t that indicate if more people voted with their money there would be more of an incentive for our government to listen to the people?

The United States Government was created by the people for the people.  It’s time for Plan B since Plan A doesn’t work.  What is Plan B?  VOTE WITH YOUR MONEY!  In 2016, let’s show the world how GREAT we still are!!

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Wed, Jun 03, 2020

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