Thu, Jan 28, 2021

Bank Notes September 2016

1st Consultants Inc.

Great Bank Notes Edition for September 2016--Link Below.  The first article smacks you right across the face.  Here's a paragraph from the first article:  

     "The individual, not some mythical collective, is the center and starting point of society. The free market is the arena in which people form relationships for mutual benefit on the basis of voluntary exchange. The free man finds his own meaning for life, guided by the philosophy or faith of his choice. He refuses to coercively impose his will on others, just as others may not use force against him. He persuades others to live and act differently through reason and example, and not with the bullet or the bayonet.  And no political authority can make claims against his life, liberty, and honestly acquired property, because the function of a limited government is to secure his freedom from predators and plunder."

Click the link for the full edition:


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