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2016 Election ---VOTE WITH YOUR MONEY!

A recent Real Clear Politics poll1 suggests that 63.8% of American’s believe our government is heading in the wrong direction.  Last week, we (1st Consultants, Inc.) held our monthly workshop and polled the audience to find out where they believed taxes are heading.  100% of the audience indicated that they believed taxes would be higher in the future.  The trend indicates that the majority of people believe our country is heading in the wrong direction and that taxes will...

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Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. . .it is a preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Nelson Nash states, “The Infinite Banking Concept is an exercise in IMAGINATION, reason, logic, and prophecy.”  Let’s IMAGINE for a moment that you are looking at a map of the world.  Remove names, borders, countries, and continents and all you really see is land and water.  There are masses of land and some of them are completely...

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Nelson Nash writes, “If you will get a young man together with his peers at a coffee break or some such gathering and have one of them suggest that they discuss financial matters, I can predict what they will talk about—getting a higher rate of return on the portion they are saving.”

If we had the opportunity to address this group, we would discuss with them the flow of money through their lives.  We would show them Mr. Nash’s study of the average American family and...

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Bank Notes--Feb 2016

This is the Nelson Nash Institute monthly newsletter.



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The "Human" Layer

This is third article and the last on the different "layers" that are working together (and independently) to keep most from understanding and implementing the Infinite Banking Concept.  The first layer, the government layer, is most recognizable because it involves taxation.  The second layer, the corporate layer, is not as easily recognizable because it involves strategies by corporations that transfer wealth from you to them periodically and predictably.  Most become...

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The "Corporate" Layer

My previous article discusses the "government" layer and how excessive taxation limits us from accumulating wealth by taking money from us either directly or indirectly.  That’s the most identifiable layer because we see the impact on every paycheck and on every purchase receipt.  The next layer that hinders us from understanding and implementing IBC is not as easily identifiable.  I refer to it as the "Corporate" layer.  Qualities that create this layer include the...

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The "Government" Layer


The first step to understanding the Infinite Banking Concept and how to become your own banker is to identify the problems that prevent us from understanding and implementing IBC.  As I see it, there are three "layers" to the problem that we need to open our minds to.  I will address these areas from a stand point as to what is most identifiable to least identifiable.  This article will address the most obvious problem which is TAXATION.  The "Government" Layer! 


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Banking 101

Banking is one of the most important businesses in the world.  When was the last time you watched or read the news and didn’t see a story that mentioned interest rates, retirement planning, stock market moves, the dollar getting stronger or weaker versus a foreign currency, or oil prices going up or down?  How many ads have you seen promoting credit cards, mortgage loans, and auto financing options?  Have you ever wondered why each year the hype around the holidays and...

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