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1st Consultants, Inc., takes pride in assisting clients with planning many aspects of their financial lives. Our areas of proficiency include implementing strategies for the good of preserving and accumulating personal wealth, individual retirement, estate and business planning services.

We can show you how to make all of your financial decisions simple, organized and easy to track. Whether it is your personal wealth, business affairs or estate planning, we will devise unique financial and money strategies, to help you fulfill your financial aspirations by maximizing your financial potential.

Traditional Financial Planning focuses on:

  • Increasing your asset base by decreasing your lifestyle money
  • Increasing returns by assuming increased risk (also risking increased losses!)
  • Acquiring and holding your capital directly - as much as possible for as long as possible
  • Keeping you dependent on their specialized knowledge and market insights
  • Constantly changing targets and strategies


At 1st Consultants we:

  • May assist with maintaining your lifestyle money
  • Keep YOU in control of your money - now and later
  • Educate YOU on how markets, banks, and government tax policies affect your wealth
  • May provide strategies through maximization planning rather than needs planning
  • Show you the proof that you CAN achieve your best financial position. 


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