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Welcome to your new financial future!

We teach the public how to use Permanent Whole
Life Insurance specifically designed
as the cashflow management vehicle
for implementing Infinite Banking.


What is Infinite Banking?

Recover Interest on major purchases

What if you discovered that you could recover the interest expenses you pay to finance cars or other major purchases?

Recover a lost fortune

What if you learned that you could recover the "lost fortune" on the money you needlessly give to financial institutions?

Recover your money tax free

What if you realized that you could do this on a tax-free basis?

If your is answer yes, then would you?

You can, if you learn how to Become Your Own Banker.

Becoming Your Own Banker

Becoming Your Own BankerThere have been many people who have had a glimpse of what this book is all about, but no one has put together a comprehensive rationale such as you will see here. Read it with an open mind and you will discover an exciting new financial world!




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Sun, May 19, 2024

Thomas W. Young

"For nearly 40 years, I have guided people just like you through the uncertain world of finances - and I take that burden to heart! I will help you maximize the value of every single dollar you earn. It’s not about the products, it's the process that will secure your future."

Thomas W. Young
President, ChFC, CLU, RFC


1) How many years will I have to work until I can retire?

2) How much money do I need to save for my retirement?

3) What rate of return on my savings do I need to retire?

4) Will I need to reduce my living standards to retire?

5) Is my current financial plan the best strategy to secure my retirement?

No? Don't worry, We'll Answer Them in 10 Minutes!

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