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Many years ago I received a mailing about a company called First Consultants in Beaver, PA. I was wanting to get my finances and retirement portfolio started and this mailing was my inspiration. My father and I visited with Tom and I’ve been watching my accounts grow to where they are today. If you want a “Lay it on the Line” financial advisor you need Tom. He has always guided me down the right path to retirement as well as answering all my questions in a way I can understand. I wouldn’t be so close to retirement without Tom’s guidance and professional knowledge. He truly has a vast expertise of the business and dedicates his time to know the right companies to invest with. God sent me that mailing many years ago and Tom put me on the right track to retirement. I couldn’t have done it without First Consultants. Thanks Tom!

J Reynolds

We met Tom through a friend. We were told that Tom would listen to us and our concerns about our financial future. He heard us and drew up a plan for us.

Fortunately for us, we listened too! He encouraged us when there were job losses, even when both my husband and I had to go back to school to learn new ways to keep our family afloat. We learned that with our Whole Life Insurance policies we had access to funds as well as a strong hold on our future. After my husband passed away, Tom told me that together we made it possible for me and my family to survive just as we had originally planned. Oh, did I mention that Tom Young is a very good friend and I would encourage everyone to talk with him and listen to what he has to say.

Marge Dolinar

— Testimonial: Larry Berger

— Testimonial: Sandy and John Wright

— Testimonial: Patty and Larry, Retired executives

“Never too late to thank you for the wonderful program you presented to my AARP group at the Saxon Club in Ellwood in September. Had many favorable comments; among them was they could have listened to you much longer! Many thanks again.

Rosetta Cumo

As a professional, you have asked me what I look for when purchasing insurance.

“There are three things that I look for when purchasing insurance for my clients or myself. They are the best for the least from the best. In other words, I look for the best company I can find to provide the coverage I want at a premium that is fair, and an agent who will service me better than anyone else.  Service is what you buy when purchasing insurance, along with the coverage.”

“You also should have an agent that cares.  Insurance is something that individual’s purchase and probably don’t fully understand the terms of the policy and they, therefore, rely on their agent to take care of their needs. If the agent doesn’t care and is just a salesman then you are in trouble.”

“These are the traits I’ve found in Thomas W. Young and Assoc. and 1st Consultants, Inc.”

Richard Rocereto, CPA

“Thank you for helping me to keep on course for a planned early retirement despite the recent down turn in the economy and market losses. You worked with several of my colleagues who chose to pursue the other road during the irrational exuberance of the mid and late 1990’s. They are disappointed in their results and will continue to work to recover losses. The financial advice you provide jut plain works. People should not be afraid to come in and at least talk with you.”

Bill O’Conner, MD

“I’d like to take a moment to thank you for the time you spent with me these last few months. I seem to be on the right road, now, and finally feel like I have some control over the issues of finance and security. It was enlightening to see how Financial Engineering presented everything in a thorough and understandable fashion.”

Dennis P. Clayton, DMD

“We really enjoyed Tom’s educational program. He speaks with an understandable voice using down- to-earth terms. The financial education he provides makes sense in a highly complex world. People should not be afraid to come in and at least talk with Tom. He is very personable and communicates well with seniors. I highly recommend Tom Young as a person who truly cares about seniors and their financial issues.”

Frank & Jeanette Markvan, Retired

“I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate your help in giving us a sense of financial well-being. With the Financial Engineering methods you have taught and advised us about, we have been able to get our financial state under control. I have more of my money working for me instead of the government. I can use these principals in my everyday home and business life.”

Bob and Michelle Irion

“Thank you for your helpful financial advice, you have helped set us on a good path for our financial future. It’s nice to know that your “Financial Engineering” services are available when needed and your willingness to share them with us.”

Bill and Glenda Lewis, DC-9/ MD-80 Engineer - US Airways

"I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding service and understanding of financial matters. Both you and your staff have been very professional and available when questions have arose regarding my policies.

You have earned my respect, confidence and more importantly, my trust regarding my financial future. I wish that could have been said for my previous relationships with "experts" in your field.

Again, thank you to you and your staff for your time and effort."

Dr. Kevin Lasko, Chiropractic Neurologist

John & Sandy

John and Sandy Wright

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