Tue, Nov 30, 2021

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A gentleman, who is a career military man, recently came through our Level 2 Advanced Training program. He shared with us the importance of communicating clearly, especially in an area as critical as the military. Our country, our safety, and, in large part, our future, depends upon it. We all owe a sizeable debt to the service men and women who do such an excellent job of protecting our country.

He shared with us the formula that he has used time and time again during his military service. He pointed out that some of the greatest lessons we learn in life, are wrapped up in very small, yet simple, packages. These are the three simple keys that he has used to help him communicate more effectively:

  1. What do I know?
  2. Who else needs to know?
  3. Have I told them?

What do I know? This question involves the information that each one of us may possess. It has to do with a specific area of life or something about which we have a particular interest.

Who else needs to know? It is true that “no man is an island unto himself.” All of us have people with whom we come in contact who need to know certain information that we possess. Perhaps we need to share essential information on an “as needed” basis with someone with whom we work or live. Remember, it is also just as true that we do not need to share everything we know with everyone we know!

I am convinced that one of the most significant places that good communication skills are needed is within the family. It is also important in our personal life and in our business life to keep a circle of people around us with whom we communicate daily.

Have I told them? Here is the payoff! It goes without saying that people are not mind readers. No one can learn from us through osmosis. We must open our mouths and clearly communicate the message we intend others to know. We may assume that the information we possess is already known by another person. However, there is only one way to find out for sure and that is to open our mouth and speak it.

After my friend shared this information with the class, we all looked at each other and smiled. We knew we had just been given a great “tid bit” of communication wisdom. I love important truths that can be packaged in a simple way! This was a nugget of gold that we each wrote down and tucked away.

I wanted to pass these three keys along because communication, for many of you, is at the center of what you do each day. Perhaps you will want to share this Tip with those with whom you associate so that they can begin to use it, too.

Maybe you are currently using some of this helpful information. While I had already been practicing the first two keys in that list, I found that the third one is a great reminder to help me personally, to actually become a better communicator.

I trust that this information regarding communication will help you to be more effective in all you do. So simple, so easy, so important!

Tip: Remember three simple keys to effective communication.

Reprinted with permission from the "Tip of the Week".
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