Weekly Tips

Tip: Imagination is more important than knowledge!

Imagination is more important than knowledgeImagination is more important than knowledge

Are you able to see things that are invisible to others?

Tip: Why customers quit.

Why Customers QuitTip of the Week

Most of you know that I’m a big a fan of Chick- fil-A. For many, many years I have been eating at the original Dwarf House, in Hapeville, Georgia, where Chick- fil-A began in 1946. 

Tip: Just two things!

Just Two ThingsTip of the Week

Many years ago I attended a luncheon hosted by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Dallas, Texas ...

Tip: Remember to actually remember what you are doing!

Remember to RememberTip of the Week

At first glance this Tip may seem totally ridiculous to you. I know that it used to seem that way to me...

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